George Burns Tribute Shows

George Burns

George Burns life spanned a century. His career blossomed  when he teamed with Gracie Allen.  The Burns and Allen vaudeville act started them on a career that lead to The Burns and Allen radio and television programs and film. After Gracie passed, George continued performing on television and stage. As an actor he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the "Sunshine Boys". That lead to the "Oh God" and other movie roles.

Peter Salzer is George Burns

 When Peter Salzer walks on stage  audiences see George Burns come back to life. Fifteen years ago he parlayed a part as George Burns in a musical into a George Burns Tribute act which he has performed around the country. 

The Tributes

Lynn Roberts teamed with Peter in "George Burns and Friends". Lynn portrays Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Red Skelton and Jimmie Durante in this two act show of humor and song.

The very talented Betsy Wickard stepped into the role of Gracie Allen in the lastest Burns Tribute, "Together Again, George Burns and Gracie Allen".

A Tribute to George Burns

George Burns and Friends

Together Again, Burns and Allen